It’s definitely a good thing that just has happened to Xiaomi devices which are running on Android Oreo. The LDAC support will allow transmission of Hi-res audio over different mediums. The new support is rolling out for public beta of the Development version. Well, it may take few more days to hit the stable build.

xiaomi ldac

All the Xiaomi Phones which are running on either Android 8.0 and 8.1 Oreo are getting the LDAC support. It is long awaited feature for Xiaomi users.

LDAC support will allow XIaomi devices to transmit Hi-res audio even through the mediums such as Bluetooth. Usually, Bluetooth uses SBC codec which down convert the audio and then play it. The LDAC will bring a different technique to handle th audio.

The tech which was revealed at CES 2015 is now finally taking place in the Xiaomi phones. It is 3X more efficient than the standard Bluetooth codec. It will overall improve the audio quality pof all the Xiaomi phones when they are connected to Bluetooth.

So, if a device you are connecting supports LDAC codec than your device will display LDAC icon. By default LDAC is active but you can also deactivate it.


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