Leaked : Red Colored Nexus 5 Press Image


LG Nexus 5 has been the smartphone which has received the most number of the leaks last year. Though the device has been made official since a long time now, but yet the leaks are coming. This time we had rumors of the red colored Nexus 5.

Red Colored Nexus 5 Press Image

And we have a leaked press image of the Red colored Nexus 5. This time the leaked image comes from the most popular leaking franchise, @evleaks. Seeing in the image we get an idea about the color scheme of the device, and how looks to be. The scheme is pretty much same as it was in the white colored Nexus 5, the custom colored back, and black front sides along the screen. Also the earpiece on the front is of the red color, which makes it pretty beautiful.

Though there is no information yet about the price of this Red Colored Nexus 5 and it’s release date too. So how did you lke the Red Colored Nexus 5?



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