Leaked ROM Reveals Full Specs for T-Mobile Mytouch 4G Slide


Earlier today Quentyn reported some fun little leaks of upcoming HTC devices thanks to 911sniper and briefly mentioned the HTC Double Shot (now known as the Mytouch 4G Slide). The guys over at PocketNow were able to crack open the ROM and what came pouring out were rainbows, kitten whiskers and an impressive list of specs. According the build.prop found inside the ROM,  T-Mobile may have something really great in store for the sequel to the Mytouch 3G Slide.
The QWERTY slider will be coming equipped with one of Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon processors and a not too shabby 768MB of RAM. The screen will come in at 3.7-inches and feature an 800×480 resolution (which I’d say is perfect for a QWERTY slider). Another interesting tidbit is the fact that phone supports the codec for 3D video playback indicating the possibility of a 3D screen? And just like the screen, the 8MP camera will also support 3D video recording. The handset will also have a .3MP front facing camera, perfect for video calling seeing how the phone supports HSDPA category 10, capable of 14.4Mbps down on T-Mobile’s network.
Honestly, I am quite impressed with the list of specs on this phone. If you guys remember not too long ago it was rumored that T-Mobile was going to receive a dual-core, 3D qwerty phone nicknamed the Sidekick Twist (Project Emerald anyone?) but it never came to fruition. Although a little late, maybe those rumors weren’t too far off after all. One thing is for certain, if this phone has the same keyboard as the HTC Arrive, you can slap my face and call me jealous.
What do you guys think of this possible HTC QWERTY superphone? Are you second guessing upgrading to the Sensation after seeing this spec list?
[Via PocketNow]


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