Leaked Sprint Memo Hints At iPhone 5 In First Half Of October


The iPhone 5 has the potential to be huge for Sprint, so it’s understandable that the carrier wants the phone’s launch to go over as successfully as possible. A new leaked memo shows the network placing the first two weeks of October on a no-vacations-allowed blackout list due to “the possibility of a major phone launch”; we can’t think of anything┬áSprint could be talking about besides the arrival of the iPhone 5.

We had already heard a report that Sprint would first get the phone in October, but this new information, if accurate, has the potential to cut that list of possible release dates in half. Frankly, we’d bet on it getting the phone well on the early side of this new range, so it would have sufficient staff on-hand to manage the influx of customers that would immediately follow the launch; there wouldn’t be much point in making this kind of restriction if Sprint was planning on starting-up sales on October 14

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