Leaked Verizon Email and PDF Confirms Verizon Galaxy Nexus December 9th Launch


Leaks have been coming out of the woodwork these past few days and it seems the boys over at RootzWiki have managed to secure a leaked email and PDF confirming the much rumored December 9th launch date for the Galaxy Nexus This pretty much coincides with what we’ve been hearing from our sources (although we’ve gotten more than a few emails stating December 15th is the new Dec 9th).

Judging by the wording of the email and PDF this almost seems like a rush job. Stores will apparently be getting their shipments on December 6th, just three days before the big launch with demo units already hitting some stores complete with Ice Cream Sandwich packaging (image below: courtesy of Droid-Life). My question is will the Galaxy Nexus even receive a well deserved big launch, or will it just happen to pop up into stores without an ad spot or major announcement from Verizon? Only a few more days until we find out…

[AndroidForums via RootzWiki


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