Lenovo Bringing New Moto Mods and Tablets at IFA


Lenovo, Motorola’s Owner is set to bring some new Moto Mods and tablet at IFA 2016. It is going to take place in Berlin around labour day. Lenovo is going to showcase it’s holiday products  and “a new chapter in tablets”.

Lenovo has posted a Video on Youtube regarding the upcoming Holiday Products and much more. You can have a look at the video which is giving the glimpse of what Lenovo is bringing this IFA. Particularly, they have shown a keyboard concept to share creativity and productivity.

We are also expecting new Moto 360 (3rd Generation) this year. As last year we received new Moto 360 near the IFA time in 2015.

Additionally, high-end Hasselblad camera Mod as well as some sort of Mod that adds a protective case to the Moto Z has already been leaked.

We have to wait and watch for the IFA 2016.


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