A few days back we have covered some essential information about the forthcoming Lenovo Z5. Till now all details disclosed are from the direction of the brand itself. However, this time we have received some interesting details about the handset that are worth your attention. This is the first image leak and shows a ton of facts related to the handset. So without making any further delay let’s check out more about the device.

If you a Tech freak then you may be knowing that Lenovo is about to launch a new bezel-less device known as the Z5. The images of the device posted here show a complete bezel-less design that looks ravishing. There is no notch on the top which is a good news for the notch haters community. The phone possesses round-edged design and a small chin can be easily spotted at the bottom. Similar to the first generation Mi Mix, Lenovo Z5 will house a selfie camera, proximity sensor, and ambient sensor in the chin.

On the right side volume buttons and a power switch can be seen. There is no Fingerprint Scanner in the front which creates a possibility of an In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner or a traditional one in the rear. In case you’ve noticed, there is no earpiece on the device which again indicates that the device may come with a piezoelectric technology(bone-conduction) identical to the Mi Mix. As suggested by the previous leaks the device is expected to house a mammoth battery along with a mighty Snapdragon 845 processor. The device will probably be unveiled on June 5th.


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