Lenovo’s Motorola Acquisition Fails to Meet Expectations


Lenovo acquired Motorola, couple of years ago from Google. Where, Google bought it for $12 Billion. Lenovo took the company to garner from company’s profits and also they want to increase Lenovo’s smartphone capabilities and market.

motorola lenovo

There were many goals that allowed Lenovo to buy the Motorola. But, with time or some Policies, Now, Lenovo is saying that Motorola Acquisition has failed to meet the expectations. Well, it’s nothing wrong with Motorola, In fact, Lenovo seemed to blame their inability to do better on their mobile division as a whole.

There was a lot of potential in the brand Motorola when Lenovo acquired, but due to some mismanagement and innovation. Lenovo didn’t adopted the change in technology and didn’t winded up with the environment and competition, which lead to decline in sales in Motorola.

Well, a positive sign is that Lenovo is coming up with a Moto Z line, which has been leaked a couple of times. Also, Recently Moto G 2016 has been launched and is available in various countries around the globe.


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