LG Announces UX 4.0 For LG G4


As we know we have got the news that LG is going to unveil its new flagship device on April 28th. Now, LG is announcing few things that are linked to the the upcoming smartphone. Today, LG announces UX 4.0 For LG G4

lg ux 40

LG UX 4.0 is the new version of the LG’s User Interface that is applied over the top Android to give LG users a more pleasant interface. This new UX 4.0 includes all the old features that were present until UX 3.0 with refined structure and even some new features have been added. LG UX 4.0 adds Camera Manual Mode and Smart Notice. The camera of the LG G4 will offer three modes – Simple, Basic and Manual – to adjust to your skill level. Simple is just a point-and-shoot, while Manual Mode will give you full control over the camera settings.

Smart Notice is Google Now oriented feature which take care of your daily activities and notify you on demand. There are new drag and drop features with some advancement in the Calendar and Reminder app.

Stay Connected with us for more and for April 28’s LG G4 announcement.

How many of you are waiting for the LG G4?


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