LG Coming With Samsung Pay Competitor, GPay?


LG seems busy in working for their own Mobile payment gateway. As per Korean publication etnews that LG filed application for a trademark of ‘G-Pay’.


It seems LG is competing with Samsung as they have launched their Mobile payment gateway, Samsung Pay few weeks ago and it went live in the US couple of weeks ago. Well, Samsung is not alone in the game, Google and Apple are already their in this market with their Google Pay and Apple Pay payment system respectively.

Coming back onto the LG’s ‘G Pay’ which is expected to rollout in coming some time as they have filed for trademarks both  in the Korea and the U.S.

Some sources are confirming that LG Electronics Director Kim Jong Hoon confirmed that the company plans to enter the payment business, back at a reporters conference for the V10 smartphone on October 1st.

So are you ready for the LG’s ‘GPay’?

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