Have you got a hankering for a unique dual-screen form factor and a T-Mobile account? Then you might want to mark November 2nd on your calendar. TmoNews got a hold of a T-Mobile inventory screenshot that says that’s the day the LG DoublePlay (AKA the Flip II) will be released on the carrier.

If you’re not familiar with the DoublePlay, it’s a Gingerbread phone with a slide-out keyboard dominated by a tiny secondary screen. The phone itself is mid-range by today’s standards, with a 3.5-inch main screen at 480 x 320, 1GHz processor and a 5MP-720p camera. In addition to basic app shortcuts, LG’s custom APIs will allow apps to take advantage of the lower screen for custom apps. Like most of the new phones on T-Mobile, it takes advantage of the carrier’s HSPA+ “4G” network.
There’s still no official word from T-Mobile about pricing or availability, but the new leak lines up with a previous leak that places the “Flip II” on the same date with a 149.99 price. Naturally, that’s with a two-year contract. The phone is unique to say the least, and one of the really cool things about Android’s open source nature is that it allows for these little oddities that might not make it to market otherwise.
[via Phandroid]


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