LG G Watch R to be Launched in UK tomorrow


LG had announced the LG G Watch R from some time now. And if you had been waiting the device, the wait is finally over ( for the UK users only). So the LG G Watch R would be made available through Clove for a price of about £224.99.

LG G Watch R

The watch will be only available in Black color. Featuring a true circular design, it is the first Android wear device to have so. Moto 360 also had a circular design but not really in true sense. It was somewhat semicircular by a small margin. But the LG G Watch R is completely circular. The circular design is best for disposing information and user related data, but due to that, LG G Watch looks more like a regular wrist watch.

The device price is a bit less than what we expect it to be, I’ve it launches in the United States. The expected price of the LG G Watch R would be around $250 in US.


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