LG G2 Display: Two Touch Sensors, Graphic RAM & Much More


The release today has created hype about the LG G2. talking about the display it has a 5.2-inch display which is the best size possible for the device which is 2.7 inches in width. The Company claims that the display covers 75% of the front side of the LG G2 with only a 0.1 inch border.

lg g2 display

Responsible for the 2.65mm bezels on one of the sides of the display but the LG G2 uses 2 sensors for better procession and accuracy. LG revealed that the G2 uses Graphic RAM (GRAM) technology which is being used 1st time in the industry. while this will decrease the battery consumption by 26% when the phone is on still frames and will increase usability by 10%.


Guess what ? The company did not engaged talking anything about its recently announced ultra-slim 5.2-inch LCD panels, which may have been used in the LG G2 smartphone.



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