LG G3 Available in Blue Steel Color At BestBuy


LG G3 was jaunted a really time ago and the color options included Silk White, Metallic Black, Shine Gold, Moon Violet and Burgundy Red. And blue there has been one more color option available for the device, which is Blue Steel.

lg g3 a

The Blue Steel colored device is already up for sale in the United States with AT&T,  Sprint and Verizon.  And the device is exclusively available for sale in BestBuy with a contract and starting at a price of $99.99.  Actually this is not the first time the device has some blue color in it. The Japanese version of the LG G3 already has the Blue come option, but now it has been made available in the US.

Obviously it is just a color change and the rest of the specifications of the device are same featuring a 5.5 inch of QHD display and a Snapdragon 801. And the debts recently also received the Android 5.0 Lollipop Update.


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