LG G3 Beat Pops Up At FCC


LG last week announced plans to release the LG G3 Beat in China and other Asian markets and we were expecting the G3 Beat to be packing some amazing features and specs. We can now be sure that it wont be long before the device is finally out as the device was recently spotted at FCC supporting LTE for AT&T band.


The device that was spotted at FCC however sports the model number LG-D725 while the earlier announced G3 Beat carried the number LG-D729 which might cause some confusion. But there’s nothing to worry as model numbers change along with the network hardware that they support. The documents from FCC depict the device as having a screen that spans upto 127 mm, which translates to exactly 5″, the size of G3 Beat. 


Though no official news is out yet from LG or AT&T about this, we are expecting an announcement soon. Rumors also suggest that a 4.5″ LG G3 Mini (model number  LG-D724) might be on its way but we have nothing to back it up, so take this rumor with a pinch of salt. We’ll keep you updated about any further news, till then stay tuned.


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