LG G3 marshmallow update

LG G3 starts receiving Marshmallow update in Poland. According to reports Update will land to the smartphone in mid December but that not happened. Anyhow good news is that LG is rolling out the Marshmallow update for LG G3 now.

LG G3 marshmallow update

The update was confirmed by LG Poland executive Jaroslaw Bukowski in a tweet, which is now deleted. LG uses Poland as a sort of testing for its software updates. Once the roll out is successful there the update starts hitting devices in other regions worldwide.

Users are waiting this update from Nov 2014 because of the leaks and reports of the device is getting marshmallow update soon. In mid December Source code is appeared online which shows that update is very near to hit the LG G3.

Update: This seems to be a fake image as now disclosed by Jaroslaw Bukowski.



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