You may or may not remember this device named the LG Big, but we sure do. It looks like a great phone, we mentioned it back in March and it looked good then, and even better now it is launching. With that 4.3″ NOVA IPS Display, 16GB built-in storage and all those other specs we have grown to love on our Android phones, this surely looks nice.

We aren’t sure what processor it will have. We have heard the usual 1 Ghz, but are still unsure if that is single or dual-core, but hopefully it is the latter of the two. LG has been touting their display technology and claims this NOVA Display we also saw in the Optimus Black is some quality stuff. Taking on Samsung and their SAMOLED Display. LG promises better colors, deeper blacks, and better battery life, oh and that it is way brighter at the same time.
This is all good news for LG, that has been hitting Android hard as of late. With phones like the G2x just launching, and the LG Revolution coming to Verizon. LG looks to be getting excited with all this, and I can’t wait to see what else they bring our way.


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