Well, which new devices will be introduced in the CES 2018, is something to think about. According to the reports, most of the companies will come up with devices powered with Alexa and Google Assistant. These new piece’s of technology have taken the place tablets and smartwatches which used to enjoy a place. And trust these AI powered devices are very interesting.

According to LG blog company will introduce it’s first speaker with Google Assistant. It has been named as LG Think Q and will come up during the CES 2018. For now LG hasn’t spoken about further details regarding the device. But what we know is that LG has teamed up with Google to come up with this device.

The device has come the Meridian Audio technology which can play High resolution audio and high quality sound. And along with that the Google Assistant will not only help you control your smart home but also you can ask about various topics. Be it weather, set a reminder, alarm etc can all be done with your voice only.

The device is cylindrical shaped and also has LED lights. However, there is not any info about the pricing and availability. But overall the device is an awesome one and we are waiting for it.



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