samsung galaxy note edge

samsung galaxy note edge

LG is registering trademarks for new names that might be the upcoming devices. It seems LG is following the footsteps of Samsung for introducing series of Edge phones. As we all know Edge phones are becoming popular if we talk about Samsung. Recently they launched S6 Edge+ which contains many new features.

Similarly, we can expect similar kind of devices from LG. As new trademarked names are shown on USPTO. In total there are total of 8 names that are trademarked. Here are the names:

  • Super Edge
  • Dual Edge
  • Upper Edge
  • Dual Side Edge
  • Side Edge
  • Double Edge
  • Two Edge
  • G Edge


So what do you guys think? LG trademarked them for depicting their curved display devices as like of Edge series from Samsung? Share your views via comments below.


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