LG UX 6.0 which is expected to launch along with LG G6, has been teased in a new teaser revealed by LG. In the latest video teaser LG has tried to show the inner UI feature of the LG G6.

As shown in the video above you will see Multi WIndow Support, rounded corners and much more. There’s a feature called Square which seems to be quite indulging with auto color changing scheme for the different UIs of the different apps under Full Vision feature. Even they have added amazing graphics to the UX 6.0.

It looks like LG is making the most out of this 18:9 aspect ratio. Also, the Camera app has a 1:1 mode for Instagram-ready pictures and a way to review the photo in one window while the Camera is still open.

Additionally, already we have heard about the certification from different agencies. Even we have seen different LG G6 renders, leaked images and we all know about the specs that LG G6 is coming with. Now, time is coming up for the verification of these rumors as it will be introduced at MWC 2017 in Barcelona on February 26. Its launch date for the US is 7th April.


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