LG V20 To Arrive on September 6


LG V20 is all set for the launch on September 6 as per the San Francisco Timing and 7th as per the time in South Korea. After unveiling that LG V20 is going to be the first phone to have Android 7.0 Nougat on Board,today, they have also unveiled its launch date.

lg v20

Already, there were rumors from past a month about the launch of the V20. This time LG is launching LG V20 earlier due to competition pressure from other manufacturers. Low demand of the LG G5 have caused the early arrival of v20.

The invitation features a colorful pop-up book with a “Play More” tagline, hinting at the phone’s multimedia capabilities.

Now, it will  be interesting to know what’s there in the LG’s ‘the second story’.

What you expecting from the LG V20 this year?


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