LG V30 and V30+ soon to launch in USA with ‘Second year Promise’ warranty and free DayDream gear


For LG follower’s, V30 as well as V30+ has been one of the most awaited smartphone. The recent update about the smartphone is that it is now available for sale in South Korea. LG said, that in the coming days and weeks the device will also be available for sale in other countries.

LG V30 blue official

But after it’s official sale in South Korea we have some details about V30’s pricing and availability in US over AT&T and T-Mobile. According, to the official PR from LG, V30 (64GB) and V30+(128GB) will be available for pre-order or purchase. The device will be available on various US carriers AT&T, Verizon, US cellular and T-Mobile. But we hardly have any information regarding the smartphone available over per carrier.

LG V30 and V30+ are also said to be available with 2 year warranty mentioned as ‘Second year promise’. And also free Google Daydream view VR headset.

According to the PR’s by AT&T and T-Mobile, V30 for AT&T will be available from 6th October at a price of $810 and for T-Mobile the device will be available from 30th October at $800.

Regarding the remaining three carriers we haven’t heard, but you can stay connected to us. Any information regarding it will be updated.


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