LG Z: First Flexible Display Device


As rumors are already in the market about flexible Samsung Galaxy Note 3 announcement next week, here, we have received hint of one more flexible device coming our way. LG Z, yes the device is from LG and it will feature curved display.

LG z curved

Currently there’s nothing officially revealed about the LG Z but LG has hinted about the device. Its clear that LG want to enter the flexible display market along with Samsung. They have leaked some details of the device to ZD Net.  Nothing specwise is leaked only its design measures have been leaked.

It will include concave curved display, and will be called either Z (as in new Z series, emphasizing the “Z” dimension/axis) or Z1.

In TV market curved displays are not new but in Smartphone market its new game. Samsung is already in the game from past few months or a year with its Youm display but now it seems that LG has also joined the game.

Let’s wait and watch what happens. Also Samsung officially announced curved Note 3 variant which is going to take off this month.

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