LG’s 18 Inch Foldable Newspaper Display To Be Shown Off at CES 2016


In an attempt to make real time Rollable display, LG is here with Newspaper like 18 inch rollable display. It can bend and fold like newspaper. At this year CES 2016 in Las Vegas, LG is going to show off the 18 inch foldable display prototype.

18 inch foldable display

The prototype is working, but it does not meant for the newspaper purpose only, you can see the depth of foldable display through which we can see the future of displays. We can use them in smartphones, which are already in use, further, there’s a great scope for foldable displays.

LG is also planning to show off a 25-inch curved screen installed inside a car. This will be on display in its Auto Zone section at CES.

THis year LG is coming with lot of display oriented devices, from 55 inch paper like display in TV to 25 inch curved display inside car. So, we can see that LG has worked on display very much in the previous year.

Are you guys ready for the action? There seems to be lot of things going to happen this year.

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