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Well, there are plenty of apps and games that are on sale this week. The huge sale has made us write the On-Sale article earlier this week. We always want that our users get most of the benefit from teh sales and discounts that are offered on the Play Store. This time due to Independence Day, U.S., Google has made many apps and games available for free.

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There are plenty of apps and games, particularly there are some big titles this time in sale. We request you to check each and every link because the sale is time based. If you are lucky and on time than most of the apps and games are still available for free on teh Play Store.

There are some titles like PowerAudio Pro Music Player, Flyme 6 Icon Pack, Hide N Seek: Mini Games and many others. For full fledged list check the table below. We hope you would enjoy with these free apps.

List of Apps and Games on Sale at Play Store

Apps/Icon Packs – Play Store sale

  1. [Apps] Sleep as Android Unlock ($5.99 -> $2.99) Download
  2. [Apps] Math Plus Ultra $0.99 – Free Download
  3. [Icon Packs] Popsicle Icon Pack $0.99 – Free Download
  4. [Icon Packs] OSX Icon Pack $1.99 – Free Download
  5. [Apps] QMR For KLWP $1.49 – Free Download
  6. [Icon Packs] Coral — Play Edition (€0,59 -> free) Coral Download, Play Edition Download
  7. [Icon Packs] Wenrum – Icon Pack free  Download
  8. Art Alive 3D Pro lwp$0.99  Download
  9. [Icon Packs] O Icon Pack free Download
  10. [Icon Packs]  Mevo – Icon Pack  free Download
  11. [Icon Packs]  Voger – Icon Pack free Download
  12. [Icon Packs]  Candoy – Icon Pack free – Download
  13. [Icon Packs] Mavon – Icon Pack free Download
  14. [Icon Packs]  Jovo – Icon Pack Download
  15. [Icon Packs] Light X – Icon Pack Download
  16. MosaLingua Business Spanish Download
  17. Galileo Pro Free Download
  18. [Icon Packs] Ecobo – Icon Pack Download
  19. App Freezer Free Download
  20. [Icon Packs] Wiva – Icon Pack Download
  21. [Icon Packs] Luver – Icon Pack Download
  22. [Icon Packs] Zirex – Icon Pack Download
  23. Autodesk SketchBook Download

Games – On Sale at Play Store

  1. Destroyer 2.0 Pro (€0,59 -> free) Download
  2. [Games] Farming Simulator 18 (€4.99 -> €2.49) Download
  3. [Games] Farming Simulator 18 (€4.99 -> €2.49) Download
  4. 4Goats (€0,60 -> free) Download
  5. The Zamazingo – Dark Adventure Land (€0,99 -> free) Download
  6. Faster Finger – 10 Players (€0,99 – > free) Download
  7. Hostage Negotiator (₹250 -> ₹50) Download
  8. Abzorb -> Free Download
  9. oO -> Free Download
  10. PUSH -> Free Download
  11. Hook -> Free Download
  12. klocki -> Free Download
  13. World Conqueror 4 -> Free Download

This is our list of this week’s free icon packs, apps and games. You can enjoy the old deals over the Games And Apps portal.


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