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Well, here are the details that are just leaked from Weibo regarding the different models which will run the Snapdragon 845. The whole list of the Snapdragon 845 running 2018 models is just posted on the Weibo. As per the list LG G7 along with Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the first devices that are coming with the SD 845.


As per the list which is posted above shows around 10 devices which will come with the SD 845. Later, this year we expect Xiaomi Mi 7 with the same SoC in the month of April. The HTC U12 is the next up slated for launch in the month of May.

By summer’s you will see Xperia Z18, xperia XZ Pro-A and OnePlus 6. In the second tenure of this year, you will see Sony Xperia XZ Pro and ZTE Nubia Z18. And during the last quarter, Xiaomi Mix 3 and LG V40 will mark their presence with Snapdragon 845.

Later, during the holidays season you will see, Google Pixel 3, Xperia Z18S, Moto Z 2019, OnePlus 6T and Smasung W2019.

Overall, there are lot of biggies waiting for the launch this year on SD 845. We are waiting for the Galaxy S9 as of now. The latest launch will also tell us about the performance of the Snapdragon 845. So now only few hours are left for the Galaxy S9 launch. Just wait and watch !


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