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A few weeks ago Google has released the developer preview of the forthcoming Android version, better known as the Android 9.0 P. That developer preview was compatible with limited devices including some Nexus and Pixel-series smartphones. Although it has given us a rough idea of how fast Google is bringing variations to the Android ecosystem.

samsung phones android p update

The new Android P packs some exceptional features which have never been experienced on an Android device before. We know that most of you may be wondering to install that on your device but it will take some time. Currently, as we mentioned above it is restricted to a few Google devices for now. By the end of 2018, you may be receiving this fresh Android P update on Samsung phones as Google is generous towards different smartphone brands.

Now the biggest issue of an individual these days is that, his/her Android device will be getting the update or not. So here in this write-up, we will be solving this query. Specifically, we are dedicating it to Samsung phone users. Here is the roadmap of Samsung Android P Update. Without spoiling any time let’s get to the facts.

List of Samsung phones getting Android P Update

Samsung Galaxy S9/Galaxy S9+ 

Samsung Galaxy S9 is the latest flagship from the Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S8/Galaxy S8+/Galaxy S8 Active

Samsung Galaxy S7/Galaxy S7 Edge/Galaxy S7 Active

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy A8/A8+

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro

Galaxy A6 (2018)

Galaxy A6+ (2018)

Galaxy J6 (2018)

The above-listed devices are not revealed officially by Samsung, they are the result of our deep analysis. As per our research, these devices from the house of Samsung will get the latest Android P update. In case you don’t know Samsung devices run a custom UI called as Samsung Experience, some features of Android P might get omitted as custom UI possess some of its own customized features. Let me recall you the essential features of the Android P.

Android P Update

Some amazing features of Android P:

1.) Notch Support: Android P brings the much-anticipated Notch support to the Android ecosystem. Notch was first introduced with the Apple’s iPhone X, earlier the devices with notch have to crop the apps running on it. But with the new Android P users won’t face this trouble.
2.) New Transition Animations: Here transition animation means the transitions that appear when we switch to different screens and settings menu. With Android P they get revamped and now looks interesting.
3.) New Navigation Bar: A few days back some leaks were there that have revealed the new Apple iPhone X style nav bar on the Android P. This has not been officially announced yet but Google may be bringing it with the official update.
4.) Multi-Camera API support: Another addition with the Android P is the support for multi-camera API’s. These days a majority of devices are coming with Dual-Camera setup and this API thing allow developers to make use of those Dual-Cameras according to the app to further improve the camera quality.
5.) Background Apps won’t have Mic and Camera access: Android P terminates the Mic and Camera connections when the app goes in background. It is a great step towards security in Android smartphones.
6.) Autofill: Autofill in Android P will be compatible with browsers as well, in case you forgot on the old Android Oreo it doesn’t work in the browsers. As per XDA, the passwords from password saving apps will be communicated to the browser apps for a seamless experience.

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