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OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone company which began its business activities on a small scale. Initially they launched OnePlus 1 with affordable pricing. Later, company especially introduced high end devices such as the OnePlus 2 and the OnePlus 3/3T, Oneplus 5/5T. The most recent cell phones from OnePlus have been named as the OnePlus 6.

android p

OnePlus is one of the best and affordable brands in the smartphone industry. It especially gives competition to great companies like Samsung, HTC, LG, and many more. OnePlus has quite limited list of smartphones and most of them will soon get Android 9.0 P update. The new Android OS is especially constrained to few smartphones as under developer previews, soon it will be available for all compatible OnePlus smartphones.

Android 9.0 P and Features

The fundamental thought especially behind the Android 9.0 P is that it have

  • enhanced speed
  • user friendly interface
  • better approach to utilize
  • expand applications
  • Image Decoder
  • new User Interface updates with notifications and messages
  • Multi-camera APIs
  • much more

As per sources of info, the new Android OS 9.0 P will have a feature in highlight to keep away harmful applications from running out of sight to make phone safe from malwares and enhance the performance. The Android 9.0 P will permit Dark Mode in AMOLED screen devices alongside with a bundle of other features.

Key features

  • New Image Decoder: Android 9.0 P will have HEIC records that were first used by iOS 11. Since Apple doesn’t have any rights to this codec, it may soon discover its way into the new OS update. It will especially diminish the size of JPEG pictures by half, which will help to save memory for many photographs like never before.
  • Stringent blocking Feature: Especially unlike other Android OS, the upcoming Android P may have a stringent blocking highlight that will allow the phones to block numbers, private numbers, numbers without any IDs or obscure numbers pretty proficiently.
  • Support for Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse: Although especially it isn’t completely officially approved, but a site has cited that the new Android upgrade will have system to support mouse and console to work with Bluetooth support.
  • Upgraded Power Saving: We know how important battery life is these days, the new Android version will have an improved variant of mode for saving battery. It accompanies a Doze mode. The new power saving mode will have different and better options that will keep the battery sound and long.
  • WiFi Round-Trip-Time (RTT): The new android version will permit applications to recognize indoor situating data that too with a precision especially. It will enhance the connectivity.
  • Multi-camera API: As previously stated, this new element will especially enable the clients to catch amazing pictures and recordings with add-on highlights that wouldn’t have been possible with a single camera. There is considerably more to it than simply this feature.
  • New Quick Settings/Settings UI: This feature of Android P will make phone more user friendly and convenient to use. As it especially offers better setting UI.
  • Enhanced Notification Panel: Google has especially been updating and reinventing the UI for the best user experience. Especially with the forthcoming Android P they have introduced a better notification panel. It will totally rise the standard of new UI and GUI.

The List of Other Features

1. A rundown of Android 9.0 P Supported OnePlus gadgets.
2. Content Selection, Zoom
3. Capacity to secure revolution scene mode
4. Enhanced Pixel launcher
5. Press control catches to take a screen capture
6. Improved Do Not Disturb Mode
7. Versatile Brightness settings
8. Popup window in About Phone area
9. Neural system API
10. Switches off the hotspot automatically if no gadgets are associated with it.

Devices List of OnePlus to get Android P 9.0 Update

Devices List of OnePlus that will not get Android P 9.0 Update

  • OnePlus One
  • OnePlus 2
  • OnePlus X

It is especially uncertain if the smartphone which are yet to get android Nougat update will directly get Android P as an alternative.

Note: The above mentioned device names in the list are based on the specs they carry and various other reasons. All the things are based on probability. The devices which will confirmed by company will be marked as confirmed against the name mentioned in the list.



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