Well carrying a good camera in your pocket has been a dream from long ago. And with the new camera attachments that are available these days, life is supposed to get simpler. And Oppo is planning to come up with their new NFC camera Sensor in future.


It comes with 10 x optical zoom. And it can be connected to the host device with the help of NFC and also WiFi. Though we don;t have any deatils about the imaging qualities of the sensor yet. Also according to the rumors we had couple of months ago, that Oppo had been working on it along a SD card slot with full image stabilization feature.

In the pictures we see a dedicated power key to the camera and also an on and off key. So we assume that it will be able to work completely on it’s own. And also would be supporting many smartphones. The price would lie in the range of $250-$500. Though the complete picture will only be clear when Oppo announced this attachment officially.



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