Lynx receiver brings you Sirius XM by way of Android

One of the wonderful things about Android is that its open-source nature allows it to be put to all sorts of uses. Already it powers phones, tablets, e-readers, netbooks, at least a couple of actual robots, and we’ve got one unconfirmed report of a toaster. While there’s already a few in-dash car stereos running Android, Sirius XM’s upcoming Lynx receiver should allow you to add some Google-flavored tunes to your car without a major installation. Best Buy let the unannounced satellite radio receiver slip on its website last weekend.

For $249.99, you’ll get a touchscreen receiver running an unspecified version of Android, a battery good for 30 hours of cord-free tunes and a dashboard mounting kit. The Lynx includes a MicroSD slot that all so you to bring your own music along when you get tired of The 40s on 4. Built-in wireless is mentioned but not specified, so I’d guess it’s Bluetooth with A2DP for streaming to an existing audio system. Google apps and the Android Market are a definite no for something with this much modification.
Best Buy yanked the product listing before we could take a more in-depth gander, but the mere fact that a page was prepared means we’ll probably be seeing the Lynx on store shelves before Christmas. Details like the specific OEM partner, on-board storage or recording capabilities are sadly unavailable. With all the modding news that constantly comes out of the Android world, I can’t help but wonder what a root method, a little imagination and a lot of free time could do for this satellite radio player.