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Magisk developers have just rolled a new version of the Magisk with a support for some games. The new Magisk update brings a fix for the anti-root detection module on games such as Fortnite Mobile and Fate/Grand Order. Currently, the Magisk canary channel has added the support for the root detection.

magisk image tool

Usually, the users use the root as an option to do the needful customisations up to any extent. They can install different mods, themes and fonts on the device without any issue. But, the root also brings some problems such as anti-root detection by several secured apps. Well, Magisk is already equipped with the tool to skip the root detection mechanism but the more advanced version of anti-root detection still gets skipped.

We suggest to install Magisk canary build only if you are professional or developer. As the new mechanism of root support for Fortnite Mobile and Fate/Grand Order is only available via its canary build. Usually, canary builds packs along various bugs and issues, then they are refined and are converted to beta builds. Overall, Magisk stable version update might take some time but you can enjoy it now, if you want to take risk.

You can check the link below to download the latest Magisk canary build which supports full SafetyNet bypass support.



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