Those who prefer rooting their devices, the Magisk has been of top priority ever-since the Google implemented SafetyNetCheck. After a long time, and after a series of Beta testing from the previous stable 14.0. The XDA recognized developer, topjohnwu has now officially released the Magisk v15.0 promising a more powerful Magisk-Hide, new modular design and many other enhancements.

Here is the changelog of stable v15.0 from the previous beta v14.6.

– [Daemon] Fix the bug that Magisk cannot properly detect /data encryption state
– [Daemon] Add merging /cache/magisk.img and /data/adb/magisk_merge.img support
– [Daemon] Update to upstream libsepol to support cutting edge split policy custom ROM cil compilations

Magisk with the latest version is moving on to modular design in-line with the Google Pixel Concept. The developer claims that this change is unenviable as the future devices will go through, what he calls the same “Pixel-ize” treatment. Moreover, he admits that, the adaptive feature implemented on Magisk┬ácompletely remove all possible traces of the existence of Magisk.

We’ve checked the potential of Magisk 15.0 to camouflage the root. And to be honest, the result obtained was remarkable. As the latest Magisk root was unable to detect by any of the apps that had SafetyNetCheck coded on it. For example: The PayTm app that used to detect the root of previous Magisk versions, was unable to do so this time.

Google SafetyNetCheck Bypass


Google implemented this new algorithm known as SafetyNetCheck on Android OS an year ago or so. The main purpose being to detect the rooted or system-tampered devices. So that they can be prevented from accessing certain apps, mainly the banking apps. Since then, users where not sure of rooting their devices as it plausibly prevented them using apps and even some games such as Pokemon GO in which SafetyNetCheck is implemented. But, it’s the Magisk system-less root method that made the users to re-consider rooting their device as it possibly bypass the SafetyNetCheck API of apps.


If a Magisk fan, you can download and install the latest Magisk v15.0 from below links.

TWRP flashable Magisk XDA


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