With each passing day, the technology being used in smartphones is getting better. One such smartphone which boasts of a unique new feature is the Meizu flagship M1E. If reports are to be believed, the M1E will allow users to remotely control various features of the car using just the smartphone.

Meizu M1E Car Control

As of now going by the leak, the features that will be controlled by the smartphone include locking and unlocking the doors, controlling the air-conditioning unit inside the care and last but not the least, pre-heating the seats for those chilly winter days. However, there’s a catch.

Meizu M1E

The features mentioned above will not work with just any car. The remote control feature of the Meizu M1E will be specific to the Roewe RX5 which is manufactured by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and SAIC Motors. A possible reason for this could be Alibaba’s share in Meizu.


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