Meizu MX4 Goes Up On Pre-Order Internationally


The amazing high-end smartphone Meizu MX4 is now up for pre-ordering internationally and Meizu MX4 fans all over the world seem very happy about it. The device, which boasts of the slimmest bezels ever seen on any device is doing pretty well with the pre-orders and if the CEO is to be believed, the Meizu MX4 has already gathered about 7.7 million pre-orders. Thats a huge amount and Meizu should be prepared to deliver even more handsets on time.



The price of the Meizu MX4 depends on the variant you choose as it is available in two variants: the 16 GB and the 64 GB. While the 16 GB variant will set you back by $449, the one with 32 GB of on-board storage memory comes in $40 costlier at $489.

The prices may seem much but they sure are less as compared to the major flagship smartphones out there and the Meizu MX4 offers no less. You might want to check out its features here and let it speak for itself.

So, did the Meizu MX4 impress you? Leave your views about it in the comments below.


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