Meizu Sends Out Invites Containing Nokia E71


Smartphone manufacturers try and come up with new and interesting event invites not only to lure attendees but also to make then trend on social networking websites. They leave no stone untouched to achieve this and Meizu is the latest one to join in on this trend. For their event scheduled on September 5th, Meizu has begun sending out invites. However, instead of the conventional way Meizu has decided to do something unconventional: include a Nokia E71 unit in each invite.

Meizu Invite

For those of you who don’t know, the Nokia E71 was launched back in 2008 when it becae popular as a business phone with a QWERTY keypad. So the upcoming Meizu device could also be targeted at the business users.

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However, the device to be launched at the event is still a well kept secret. All we know from rumors is that a 6 inch tablet Meizu Max could be unveiled.


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