Facebook Messenger has just made it possible for Paypal users to pay right inside Messenger, Paypal announced. Debit card and credit card payments have been present on Messenger since 2015 but this new addition will be welcomed by those who transact through Paypal. Starting from today, iOS users will be able to do P2P payments without any hassle. Paypal also says the method can be set as default. As for Android, the feature is on its way. All this pertains to the US only.

To use the new method, you can do the same thing you’d do to pay with a card. Tap the blue “+” icon, then tap the green payments button. This can be done in both individual chats as well as group chats to receive and to send money.

Another addition announced today is a Paypal customer service bot in Messenger. The bot can help do basic stuff like password reset or answer queries related to transactions. For things it can’t handle you will be connected to a live rep.

Other countries will get the feature as part of a gradual roll-out. So, you should see it in due time if you reside out of the US.



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