Messenger now as popular as WhatsApp with 1.3 billion monthly active users


Facebook has multiple Instant Messaging platforms in its kitty, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Both of them vie for the same public share and command the biggest user base in the world. In that sense, the company finds itself in a tricky position. Moreover, Facebook’s native app itself has crossed 2 billion monthly active users in June 2017.

“We’ve continued working hard to make Messenger the best it can be, introducing new masks, filters and reactions for video chat, making our virtual personal assistant available in more places around the world,” a Facebook post posted on Friday revealed.

The company has also rolled out Messenger Lite which is a resource-friendly version of Messenger in a bid to penetrate deeper and gain more users. Facebook also plans to monetize both WhatsApp and Messenger with the company announcing ads for the latter product 2 months earlier. The Messenger app came into being as a standalone app. A controversial decision by Facebook led to the split of Facebook and the in-built messaging system. The company received a lot of slack for forcing users to download a separate app at that time.


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