facebook messenger

Earlier, you may need Facebook account to use Messenger, but now you can use it without any Facebook Account. Now, you only need is the phone number which you can use to sign up.

facebook messenger

Facebook has hinted about this in the updates that Messenger app have got in the past few months. It is something shocking for some tech enthusiasts as the move didn’t matched the Facebook’s terms to take over the internet with its Social Network.

If we look at the other side of the coin, then, Facebook has opted for disbanding Messenger from Facebook Account is to get more users who are not using the Facebook right now but will opt for chat with the phone number. Also, Facebook is not giving all features of the Messenger app to the users who will sign up with Phone Number. Facebook’s all device’s sync will not work and few other things will also need Facebook Account.

This all will help Facebook to convert messenger users or convince them to join the real party.

This new feature has started rolling out to users in the USA, Canada, Peru and Venezuela, so it’s not exactly for everyone just yet. Facebook Messenger offers video calls, the ability to send money to friends, voice calls, group chats, stickers and more; all for free.


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