Mi Note 2’s Double Curved Glass Spotted Online


Xiaomi is always working to bring about new budget as well as flagship devices that are usually a hit among the crowds for their great spec list and a price that doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket. This being said, Xiaomi is currently working on two new devices namely the budget Redmi 4 and the high-end Mi Note 2. While we have no news about Redmi 2, we do have something to share about the Mi Note 2.

Mi Note 2

What you see in the image above is rumored to be the screen for the upcoming Mi Note 2. This device will reportedly come in two variants: a normal one and one with curved edges. As the “Mi” branding on the screen is reserved only for Xiaomi’s high-end devices, the above leaked image could not be for the Redmi 4.

The two variants will not only differ in the screen type but also the resolution and internals. The flat screen variant will reportedly house a 1080p display with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB on-board storage while the one with curved display will come with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB on-board storage space.


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