Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS now available in many new countries


Microsoft is now extending support for its new Edge browser to many new countries. Already, Edge for Android and iOS was limited to some countries. Now, the things are changing and the Microsoft is making it available in most English and French speaking markets.

microsoft edge for android

Microsoft Edge for Android support in new countries

Today, Microsoft Edge’s product manager, Sean Lyndersay announced the support of Edge for Android and iOS in many other countries. It’s a welcome move from Microsoft side as more the availability more will be the users. It’s now available in countries like Germany, Austria, Portugal and Brazil.

Further, if we talk about new features, then there’s nothing as of now. The update is rolling out simply to make it compatible with new markets where it has been launched.

Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS allows to sync your passwords, bookmarks and can even push web pages. You can cross sync your content from browser to desktop or vice versa.

Browser is one of the popular apps on both the Google Play and iOS store. Due to its immense popularity, Microsoft has pushed it to even more countries. So, we hope that it would hit to the top 10 apps on Google Play Store also, as on iOS store, it’s already in top 10 utility apps. Already it has reached 1 Million app downloads on the Play Store.


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