Microsoft seems to have changed marketing strategy, as they are launching more apps on different platforms. In a bid to improve their software’s access on cross platforms, they hare launching new apps and softwares particularly for Android and iOS devices. Recently, they made Planner app available for Android.

Talking about the new app, Microsoft Face Swap App which allows you to swap your face with any other photo. It is a good app and already there are lot of alternates available on the Play Store. The difference is that it is coming from the Tech Giant, Microsoft, so often it will pack some better features.

There are different categories in swapping, like fun scenes, hairstyles, fashion, etc.

In order to use it, you only need to install it, then take a selfie and choose the facet you want to use. Also you can swap from different images present in the Play Store. You can swap multiple faces across a single image, which is a another good feature.

Users who want to use it can download from the Play Store link below.


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