Microsoft Launcher beta v4.3.0.38488

Last month, Microsoft renamed their already available Arrow launcher into Microsoft launcher. At the same time, they even introduced their Edge browser to Android and iOS. The browser is however available as a preview (unreleased) app. But, what’s new is the latest beta update for the Microsoft launcher. It brings lots of new features especially new home screen and user experience.


The latest beta update for the Microsoft launcher bumps up the app version to Let us discuss the new features it comes with.

  • Home Screen: The first difference you will notice is that the search widget now comes as a default once you install the app. Also, the fonts used for the app and folder name is now changed with folders touting new design as well. And the dock can now accommodate more than five apps.
  • Home App Grid: The home screen now supports upto a grid of 12 columns x 12 rows for the apps. Also, the apps and widgets can be moved to half of the grid cells with the new subgrid support.
  • New User Experience: Users can now import their setup from other launchers or start as fresh when they install the new beta of Microsoft launcher. Also, it allows the users to backup their setup and restore it whenever needed.
  • Others: Edit mode will not open now when users drag and drop apps. Also, long pressing the app icon on the home screen opens a new pop up menu. The update also brings improvements to the weather and time widget UI. And it also fixes many bugs and improves performance of the app.

You can download this new update from the Play Store if you are a beta tester. In case, you aren’t, then apply for beta tester at the end of the app page. Also, do let us know in the comment section regarding your thoughts on this new update.


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