MindRDR, ya its the new hardware accessory which will help you to control your Google Glasses without any voice commands and hand movement on the Glass. Only you need is to think about particular action to be performed. There are many other possibilities which we can think off with this new product called MindRDR.


MindRDR, pronounced as “mind reader” of course, does already work but its functionality is quite limited. Until Now, you can only think about to take a photo and upload it to Twitter or Facebook, without uttering a single word or tapping on the Glass’ touchpad. As of now it can sense only 4 senses out of 18 senses of our brain which is quite good. But the thing is you will look like the above pic in the public which seems to be quite different. For More information you can watch the below video for better understanding:

In order to let Mind RDR work you need new accessory named Neurosky MindWave EEG headset which costs €89. After buying you need to install their free MindRDR app from here.

What are your views? Share your valuable opinions on this MindRDR accessory via comments below.


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