Yes! I get Boardwalk, Park Place, Waterworks, and all the railroads — you can have the rest. EA has finally brought the popular game we should all still love to the Android Market — Monopoly. It was originally exclusively available on the EA store and Amazon’s App Store but now it can finally be purchased right in our very own Android Market.

Sadly one of the perfect opportunities to play this game would be while using a tablet but currently they don’t offer tablet support. A major “oops” if you ask me. I can’t see myself playing Monopoly on my phone but rocking that on a 10″ tab while on a plane or camping would be awesome. However, it does offer the same unique board-style gameplay in a full out 3D environment.

Monopoly offers multiplayer support with your friends, as well as playing against the computer. You can customize the rules, number of players and even the environment. It also offers multiple game saves to save your progress during those extra long Monopoly sessions. I know I had more than a few of those when I was younger that took us deep into the morning hours.
Instead of $200 on Android it will only run you $5 after you pass go so head to the market via the link below and enjoy this classic best-selling board game on Android.
Market Link – Monopoly
monopoly 2 monopoly 3 monopoly [via Android Police]


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