Some screen shots of Google’s upcoming Android OS update dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich has hit the web, courtesy of Romanian site mobilissimo. A video of the OS in action running on the Galaxy Nexus also made its way to the net.
Ice Cream Sandwich is Google’s OS that is supposed to bridge Android 2.3 Gingerbread (which is made for phones) with Android 3.0 Honeycomb (Which is made for tablets) into one OS that can be used on both phones and tablets.
Here is what was clearly noticeable from the screenshots.

  • It looks like Android 4.0 will be the official name
  • The device used to take the screenshot is in dire need of a SIM card. There’s no telling if it’s begging for a GSM card or a Verizon Wireless LTE SIM card
  • The back, home, and applications buttons are clearly part of the OS now; no more capacitive touch buttons
  • A window with nothing but Google applications is visible with the title Google below
  • Placing icons on home screens is now done just like in Honeycomb, with a full preview of the widget
  • The app drawer now has a tab for widgets, which shows all the available widgets and how they look
  • Currently open applications are displayed just like Honeycomb, with a quick preview of the application in its last state

Samsung and Google have scheduled a press event for Tuesday, October 11 for the announcement of both Ice Cream Sandwich and the next Nexus device.
Enjoy the pictures and video below.




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