Moto Affinity Leaks Via Zauba; Specs Similar of Moto E


Moto Affinity which has got leaked in import listing of India’s import Aggregator, Zuaba. As per the listing it is said that Motorola Affinity is the Moto E 2016 as the price indicates which is ₹5,164 ($78). So, if we compare the price range then we can say it is the Moto E 2016.

motorola-affinityThere are few more details that got surfaced by the listing. We came to know that Motorola Affinity or Moto E 2016 is embedded with 5 inch display also it is going to be a single SIM device.

Motorola is news with some of its upcoming devices like Moto G4, Moto X3 and this Moto E 2016. It seems all is set for the launch of Moto 2016 devices.

Recently Moto G4 leaked with its launch date which is due for May 9th as said by the Lenovo’s CEO at the press event.

So what are you thinking about them? Any expectations? Share your views via comment box below.


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