[Update]: Motorola has come forward and termed the Motorola Germany Facebook page as fake. This is the same page that had earlier reported that Android L is headed to Moto X and Moto G soon.

Android L was recently revealed at the ongoing Google I/O conference. HTC soon followed with an announcement that it will roll out the Android L on the One M7 and the One M8 within 90 days of getting the final software. And now we have Motorola following HTC’s footstep. Motorola Germany announced that they will begin rolling out the Android 5.0 on Moto X and Moto G this fall.


moto-g-4g-620x465Motorola however chose to skip on the Moto E in this announcement for unknown reasons. This however necessarily does not mean that the Moto E will not get the Android 5.0 update.

There is some confusion about whether the Android L will be numbered Android 4.5 or the Android 5.0, but Motorola chose to stick with Android 5.0.

This update-news has only been backed by Motorola Germany so far. So either expect the people in Germany to be the first ones to get the update or expect the counterparts of Motorola in other parts of the world to make the announcement soon. Whatever it might be, this announcement sure has us excited. What about you? Leave your views in comments below.


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