Moto G5 Plus_Black_Front_Back

Motorola announced next generation of G series at MWC 2017. We got its full specs, images and even compared it with Nokia 5. Today, we got to know about its real availability.

Moto G5 Plus_Black_Front_Back

Motorola is going to debut in Germany as they have started taking pre-orders with major online retailers. Well, there’s a sad news also, as they are not going to ship your device for next four weeks.

Moto G5 can be ordered for €199 and in Germany. While, for Moto G5 Plus you have to shell out €289. It is live on MediaMarkt and Saturn retailers website.

Motorola packs Snapdragon 430 in Moto G5, while Snapdragon 625 is housed in Moto G5 Plus. The devices displays stand at 5.0 inch and 5.2 inch for Moto G and Moto G Plus respectively. As leaked earlier, Moto G hosts 2 GB of RAM while G5 Plus throttles with 4GB of RAM. There’s 2800 mAh battery for Moto G. The 10W rapid charger gives your Moto G5 hours of power in just minutes. Moto G5 Plus packs a 3000mAh battery with fast charging.

There’s a plenty of time left before the device to arrive.

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