Here’s one another piece of art from Motorola, Moto Stream./ It allows you to stream music into regular speakers from different or multiple connection from different devices. It a good way to make your regular speakers in to DJ with your friends.


Moto Stream can stream music from phones to speakers. Motorola developed this product with the partnership of SOL Republic for accessories, and with that the DECK Bluetooth speaker that allows up to five people to serve as DJs through a “Heist” mode.  Here’s what Engadget defines it,“The Stream is a pretty basic accessory that turns any speaker or stereo you already own into a wireless audio system.”

[pull_quote_center] “While great for on the go, connecting your smartphone to previously purchased home speaker and stereo systems can be a mess of cables and wires and new wireless speaker systems can be expensive,” Motorola.[/pull_quote_center]

It’s powered by microUSB and comes with a 3.5mm to RCA cable. Or you can just go from 3.5mm to 3.5mm. Range is listed at up to 300 feet.

Moto Stream costs $49.99 and is available now from Motorola.


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