Moto X 2016 To Get Back Fingerprint Scanner; Heat Pipe Gives Clue About Overclocking


In multiple leaks, Moto X 2016 is getting to compete against the Samsung Galaxy S7 which is expected to come in march. Moto X 2016 is going to get its back fingerprint scanner as Motorola debuted a fingerprint sensor in the original Motorola Atrix 4G.

moto x 2016 leaks

According to pocketnow, Motorola is said to be working on fingerprint technology for its 2016 Moto X. It’s not any surprise to us as fingerprint scanners are natural with flagship devices these days.

As we have seen the aluminum design of the Moto X 2016, now we have one more leak which suggest similar material used in the Moto X 2016. In more detail, we have also suggested that it is packed with heat pipe to control the temperature of the device. We actually don;t know why Motorola has used it but as per assumptions we can say that it might be due to overclocking of the processor, or due to aluminium design. As metal get’s heated pretty easily, so to cool down the body may be Motorola have used it.

heat pipe moto x 2016